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ERP The Real Deal Vol 2: Window shopping

08/02/2018 16:40:40 In Business Technology Blog
erp, system, looking around, crm, mrp, supply chain, automation, technology
How shopping around the ERP landscape can foster fresh ideas and frame your thinking.

ERP - The Real Deal Vol. 1

05/22/2018 19:45:37 In Business Technology Blog
erp, odoo, business system, value
An Introduction to our running series ERP - The Real Deal, we dive into the realities and harsh truths of an ERP system and its most important element: Value.

BUILD IT - Like your Small Business ERP

05/17/2018 14:43:01 In Business Technology Blog
erp, odoo, implementation, infrastructure, planning, strategy, crm, small business
How a simple mobile game can teach us about the importance of a proper ERP system for a small business; its strategy, planning, and implementation.

Odoo Enterprise, a Netsuite Alternative or just simply a Quickbooks replacement?

05/16/2018 07:17:39 In Business Technology Blog
odoo crm, odoo erp, implementation, netsuite, salesforce, quickbooks, erp, crm, software, mobile app
Odoo ERP and Odoo CRM software is one of the most popular Quickbooks, Salesforce and Netsuite ERP alternatives