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Odoo training class

Advanced Odoo Customization - (without writing modules!) 

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Advanced Odoo Customization
 Instructor - Ray Carnes

About the Instructor:

Ray Carnes has been implementing Odoo for the last 6 versions.  He is recognized as a lead contributor on the Community Discussion Forums and has worked for several of the top Gold Odoo Partners in the USA.  His classes are always fun and highly valuable – as he makes sure all participants are engaged in the subject matter.

  • Top Karma Contributor Odoo Forums

  • Veteran of over 6

Who is this class for?

  • Odoo Users who want more from their Systems

  • Odoo Partners wanting to expand their ‘non-developer’ customization skills

  • New Odoo Partners

  • Odoo Users who want to take on more of the implementation work themselves

    If you are familiar with how Odoo works, but want to become a Power User who can customize the look and behavior of Odoo without becoming a Python Developer, this course is for you!

By the end of this course you will know how to:

  • Personalize and streamline Odoo without needing to learn the App customization framework!

  • Modify the layout of screens and adjust terminology to suit your users!

  • Tailor searching and filtering to suit common user workflows!

  • Reduce clicks by linking document creation directly from related documents (Create a Purchase Order directly from a Maintenance Request).

  • Carry over information from one document to another!

  • Validate data entered by users!

  • Import and Export data more easily!

  • Extend reports to include additional information!

  • Develop your own App from scratch to create, find and process custom documents!

  • Secure information based on your own needs!
    ... and much more!

Other Benefits:

  • Participants capped at 8 - more face time with our Instructors!

  • 12 hours of OPEN DISCUSSION - bring your own scenarios and we will build them together!

  • Drinks, Lunch and a Social Evening out!

Detailed Agenda:

User Interface

  • Search, List, Form Views, Filters

  • Defaults, Domains, Context

  • Window Actions, Automated Actions, Server Actions

Email Templates

  • Additional Activities & Meeting Types

  • Studio App

  • Customer Portal

Data Model

  • Custom, Related and Computed Fields

  • Custom Objects

  • Custom Terms (via Translations)

  • Sequences


  • XML

  • External Identifiers

  • Import/Export

  • Reports, Report Naming 


  • Modify Product Pages

  • Add a Step to the Checkout Process

  • Change Add to Cart Behavior

  • Search Engine Optimization

Your Own App

  • Models & Fields

  •  Views

  • App & Main Menus


  • Groups

  • Record Rules, Access Controls

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