Demand more from your technology

technology should work for you

Message from our ceo

Today’s small business needs to embrace technology, now more than ever. Social Media, mobile devices, remote access technologies, and VoIP (just to name a few) have fuelled business growth by providing mobility, efficiency, and customer acquisition.

But many small business owners struggle with this change, and more often choose to do nothing. I want to simplify IT by focusing on the solutions and positive benefits that technology offers the Small and Medium-Sized business. VCloud9. is itself a small business, so we, as they say, “eat our own cooking.”

Most of the technologies we bring to the table are used by our own company on a daily basis. This not only reinforces our belief in these particular technologies, but it also makes us very proficient in maximizing the benefits.

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I want you to demand more from your IT service than you ever have before. You should get more than a fixed computer or someone pushing the latest “tech toy” on the market down your throat. Too many IT companies focus on technology for technology’s sake, and that just leads to more problems and complexities.

Instead, you should get real solutions for everyday business problems. The best part of my day is talking to our clients and finding creative, simple solutions for challenges they’re facing. I want to simplify your technology so you can get back to focusing what you’re actually in business for. Your IT should make it easy to pursue your goals, not demand all of your attention.

You can count on me to make sure VCloud9 offers you BUSINESS solutions, not just great technology. For over 30 years I have been involved in not just IT businesses, but everything from car audio to restaurants to online sales businesses. I know firsthand what it is to run businesses just like yours, I have made all the mistakes a small business owner can make, and most importantly, I have learned from them.


Ray Collazo
CEO - VCloud9 LLC.