ERP The Real Deal Vol 2: Window shopping

thinking about an erp? being broad to detail drilling

“Just started looking”

“Evaluating some solutions”

Odoo CMS- Sample image floating

“Looking for a better way”

“Like to be more automated”

These are some of the most common statements we hear from prospects who have taken the next step in graduating to a single, unified, ERP system.  Congratulations and welcome aboard!

It sounds like you think you need something better.  This is a good place to be to see what is out there. For many, this is the first time exploring.  Gaining familiarity in such a vast and esoteric space is a big step in a good direction. We have even heard, more than a few times, “We never thought we’d see the day this would happen.”

We see a lot of ‘window shopping’ in this phase.  Window shopping is great for seeing what’s out there and getting comfortable with new or fresh ideas.  Take this opportunity to frame your thinking outside of what’s currently comfortable. This step should help jog your mind to tweaking or re-evaluating process.  

You’ve generally recognized that there might a better way to do something, or that your business has grown or evolved in a way where current process is inefficient or can’t sustain business demand.  You also generally recognize the value of the cost of doing nothing (status quo; “business as usual”) and the value of moving to a more mature system.

While this stage should help open your mind in terms of what’s out there, and perhaps confirm any generally held beliefs that your process and system could be improved, it is our next stage that really gets to the meat and potatoes of acknowledgement: Know Your Numbers.