ERP - The Real Deal Vol. 1

An absolute guide to an in-exact science

Welcome to ERP - The Real Deal!  This is the introductory installation of our running series over-viewing the journey of an Enterprise Business System for Mid-Sized Businesses.  Over the course of this series, we’re going to explore all the stages of grief reality along the beautiful pageant that is your business’s ERP System, share some stories, and maybe even have some fun along the way!

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Let's begin at the start! The core, fundamental element to any ERP project is understanding value.  What is value? How do you define value? How do you apply value to business activities and business processes?

The value of an ERP varies from company to company because an ERP is linked to your business’s value, uniquely.  Just as we are all told in Kindergarten that we're all bunch of special little snowflakes. But so too, in business. Think about all the cost and profit centers your system caters. Sales. Operations. Accounting. Think about all the resources deployed to process.  Things like manufacturing resource planning, organizational structure, customer relationship management, supply chain management. Look at all the responsibilities your business system is accountable. It's massive. All of that value adds up.

Your system IS your business and the path to a successful project must be clearly laid out. To be deployed properly, it needs to be planned extensively with goals so clearly defined, you should be able to sing them as you make your morning coffee.  But as you weigh the importance of a project of this scale, it should also be a project you are excited about. The measurable impact a system will have on your business should be what takes you from where you are today, to where you want to go.  

Business owners crave business performance.  Any decision on ERP systems that save time, money, and optimizes your business should not be taken lightly.  I encourage you to think within the context of a spectrum and not a straight line. Not everyone dives into the deep end of the pool. Many start by wading in the shallow end.  Yet wherever you fall along the spectrum of an ERP solution, the common denominator is business value. Know your business value. Drill it down to within an air-tight window. Value is king.

Once we recognize the business value of your ERP, let’s start by Thinking About It.